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Légmester Kft. is an Hungarian firm founded in 1991, contracting building engineering and cleanroom technology systems.


Since 2005 the company has been dealing with building engineering planning and expertising as well, and in the same year it founded its Romanian subsidiary company, which developed into a company site with its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca.


The company had been also dealing with air conditioner maintenance and air-duct production for 15 years. Even though this department has been detached due to the recession, the acquired experiences still remained in everyday usage.


The yearly volumen ranges between 4-8 million euros and the work of the 30 employees is helped by an average of 100 mechanics working sub-contractor mechanics.


During the past 26 years we have constructed the engineering systems of several office buildings, shopping malls, factories, plants, exclusive stores and public facilities - these are worthy of reference for our firm. The company has become a family enterprise by the time and the quality of its executing is guaranteed by the proprietorial management, the excellence of the experts, the qualitative work conditions and cohesive team work.


The company's mission apart from constracting effective and environment-friendly systems is to generate profit, which also creates a good quality living for the employees and pleasant work conditions. These are essential for quality work, for creating the comfort, which guarantee the loyalty of our colleagues and the growth of the competitive advantage on the market for our company.